Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Been awhile eh?!?

I have had SO MUCH happening lately, my poor blog has been a bit neglected! But, it's all good, I promise!
I have a brand new super huge kit in my store at Designs in Digital, called "A lil bit country" it was inspired by my daughter and is full of nice warm colors, perfect for this time of year!
Here is a picture of the elements:

and the papers:

It is on sale through the 15th--along with the rest of my store. Everything is 50% off!! HERE

I am also now part of the Lost Gurlz 'Venture Design team! I am so thrilled to be working alongside Meg and Tink!
Here is a preview of our first kit together.....called "Where's the Party At?"
This super fun and colorful kit is now on sale at Designs in Digital!!

In other news, I asked Brandy, of Mega-Doodle Inspired, if I could be a part of her action testing team and she said "yes"! I am SO SUPER EXCITED!! This means that not only do I get to work with this VERY talented designer's products but--I get to make stuff to share with you all too! And, as you know, that is something that I have been wanting to be able to do more of! Brandy has a new assignment for us, and I am so stoked about this one! I can't wait to try it out!! So, keep a close watch here because I'll be posting my result here for you too :)
You can check out Brandy's blog and some fantastic gifts by clicking her blinky in the column to the right!

Oh, and if you visit her blog and partake of the gifts, remember to leave a thank you!

See ya soon!
Be blessed and be well everyone!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Special THANK YOU Shout Out!!

I know I have met more than one gracious person who, through their own trial and error and sometimes hours if not DAYS of frustration--find out how to make some fabulous new element or write out an informative tutorial--or create some fantastic brushes, patterns and styles for all of us to use--and in many cases these are for personal and commercial use.........and in many cases are offered freely. This saves the rest of us countless hours (and in my case, I know the undertaking and haven't had time myself to even THINK about tackling it).
One of these special people--for they are rare in this world, aren't they?--left a link to a tutorial on how to install and use a layer style.....seems simple enough, right? BUT--for me, I was never going to find the time to figure this out, or search and search for a tutorial on my own--and to top it all off, she created yet ANOTHER fabulous layer style, CU and free--so broke arse people, like me, can enjoy them too! AND-- she made ANOTHER FAB Alpha, also CU and FREE from her newest layer style!!!!
OK, over-use of exclamation points there--but I am so thrilled that I was given these gifts and the links to figure out how to use them, that I just have to dedicate this post to her------The Scrappin' Cop (And, I work in Law Enforcement, and haven't met many cops who are HALF as nice as she is!!)

Folks---I want to take the time here to recognize Scrappin Cop-- she has been learning all kinds of new and fun things about her program, and she freely shares EVERYTHING it seems, with all of us--she certainly earned her "Generous Designer Award" from KittenKaboodle!! You are simply amazing for all you do and all you share! THANK YOU for giving so much of yourself and your time and talents!!
Because of your latest gift--I have a whole other avenue of possibilities opened up for me, and you have my sincerest gratitude!

I would also like to thank all of the tutorial writers, and Misty Cato, in particular here--I received my PSE 5 program with my new tablet--and it doesn't come with a book of instructions. The help features are very limited and I am completely lost. Your tut helped me SO much!! So, thank you to you and all of the tut writers for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us!!

And Thank you to the CU Designers-- your generous TOUs and allowance to all to use your creations for personal and commercial use allows many, like me to become inspired. It gives us an avenue to explore and experiment and be creative by choosing colors, patterns and textures of our own. It makes the finished product more special because through our own imagination and creativity that CU item becomes our own little masterpiece! I cannot make bows---YET--but am beginning to do more with ribbons, and now that I know how to use layer styles--it should be much easier to master, LOL! I have also been inspired by many CU items, to get creative enough--and brave enough--to try my own hand at making things on my own, from scratch! How wonderful is that? I can now look at something and "see" how to do it--just because you firstly gave me a blank slate to work with! AND--many CU items have given me ideas for other elements and inspired me to try new and original things too!

I am currently working on my Christmas kits--and have hand drawn several of the items that will be going into them. There are many ideas and plans for many other elements and today, I was given a fabulous new tool to use, while I knew it was there, I had no clue how to utilize it---so, all of you generous souls in this wonderful community--I think I will be sending you a special Christmas gift (or two)!

Once I get faster at designing, I'll be offering more here, for all to use as well--CU and personal use---because I KNOW how helpful these tools really are.
Right now, I'm slow as molasses, LOL! And--I have many things to create and deadlines to meet for the store, but I PROMISE...once I get into the swing of things and get momentum, you will all be seeing more from me here.
There will be a catch, however---and that is simple. If I offer a freebie, and you download without leaving a thank you--I will no longer offer freebies openly but create a list of those who comment a thank you or a kind word and offer the freebies to them only. I have had over 250 downloads of my last freebie, which is a mini kit---and I have received only 14 thank yous!! That's pretty pathetic and says a LOT about the piss-poor state our manners is in....and as much I try not to let it, it really does hurt my feelings.

Anyway--- this post was to be about OTHER people and not people, please say "hello" to these fabulous people if you visit their blogs--and take a moment to say "Thank you" if you accept the gifts they offer you there too, they are truly amazing people and a rare treat in this world!!

Thank you for your FUN templates, buttons, patterns, styles--you name it! Girl, you ROCK!
The Scrappin Cop

Mabelle--I just adore you and your fantastic creations! You are truly a gem and I am lucky to have "met" you and been able to work with your fantastic and one of a kind kits!
My Digi Style

Jeanie--you are such a kind and giving person! I imagine that everyone who meets you wants to befriend you--you are so warm and caring and your darling kids (natural and foster children) are blessed to have you for their Mother--you inspire and encourage them and give them so much love and affection--they are very lucky indeed!
Scrap Doctor Designs

Misty--thank you for your fabulous tutorial!! You helped to RAWK my world today!!
Misty Cato Designs

CU Freebies Only--Thank you for the constant list of CU freebie designers! And, thank you to all of the designers who list their items at this blog! You are so wonderful!
cu freebies only
A few of the CU designers found there:
My Treasured Scraps
Sophisticated Scraps
Delicious Scraps
With a Russian/Dutch Heart
The Scrappin Cop
WenchdGrafix Designs
Voodoo Scraps
Candys Treats
SKrapper Digitals
Bon Scrapatit Design---Linda! You are AWESOME girl!
Cre8ive Creations
DMK Designs
Strictly Reveal
The Maltese Scrapper
Heartfelt Perfection
Kwlkitten Designs
Bea Creations
Digital Imagery Plus
Cen's Lof
Sunshine Studio
Scrapping 'n' Taggin
Tantrum Scraps

This is a small sample of designers listed at CU freebies only and is in NO way complete!! Even still----that's a LOT of generous people, whew!!

I know there are more that I missed, but will be adding to this list!
Thank you all SO MUCH for everything you give and everything you do!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby needs school supplies!

So YOU get the savings!! Take advantage of my 50% off my entire store sale NOW at Designs in Digital!!
Rock-N-Rhos Designs!

Sale good through September 15th

Friday, August 22, 2008

Been feeling a little "blah" lately

Yesterday would have been my husband's 48th birthday----it doesn't seem possible that 13 years has gone by without him here, already. It's strange. Our son is 14 now and taller than I...his voice is deepening and he's achieved SO much and overcome so much and.....I just hope Kevin knows all about these things and can see them from wherever he is.

I'm working on some new stuff. I'll be the featured Designer at Designs in Digital in December---however, there will be a lot going on that month at DID as well. So--my dilema is this: how do I stand out, even just a little, from everything else that will be happening? It has been so hard to get any kind of a following. I was not given a "coming out party" (so to speak) as a designer--and trying to get "known" has been very difficult. I'm a bit frustrated as a result.
So, let me ask YOU--what would YOU like to see from me in the month of December? What would YOU suggest?!?? I'd like to steer away from a lot of hybrid projects--and will likely have to stick to a certain color theme. I had begun a vintage theme kit, being a very traditional Christmas kind a gal--but have had to change it to something a bit different. I collect old time Santa's--so the theme is now set around them and the word "BELIEVE" with the colors being dark reds, darks greens, dark purples and dark golds (not the bright brassy gold) I've begun to draw pine boughs, and trees which I think you're gonna LOVE! And some fabulous hand drawn garlands too--among other treats :) Did I mention that Christmas is my fave time of year? It's the ONE holiday where the kids and I go all out--more than half my attic is nothing BUT Christmas decorations!
At any rate--please leave me your ideas, I could use the help!! For your trouble, I'll make you something extra special too! (As a gift, of course!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get your Zen Freebie now!

Hi everyone! As promised, I have your freebie ready for you!
I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to start the new week--if you are, you're a step ahead of me!

I want to share a couple of LO's made from my Zen and Now kit, available at Designs in Digital--Shana was SO creative! She made a little zen inspired room to place her DS photo on the shelf! It's so cute!

Here is another by Shana, I love the zen inspired rock formation and her little one peeking through the hole! Very adorable!

This mini kit is complimentary to the full kit available in my store at Designs in Digital. Adding this little freebie adds to the original kit, so grab 'em both up and Super-Size Your Zen!

Zen freebie download here

Enjoy your freebie, and I hope that you will show your support for my work by considering a purchase from me at Designs in Digital!

Please leave a little "thank you" when you download and have an awesome week everyone!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New kits and a free QP just for you!

Hey all! Things are pretty busy over at Designs in Digital--Scrap Factor is up and running at full speed--more like HYPER speed, LOL! It's amazing to see all of the wonderful layouts with the kit provided for the first challenge, by Green Elephant Designs....Cole did an amazing job with her "The Maharajah's Elephant" kit and the Bonus challenge,brought to us by NDIDDS contestant, Lyndie, of Gone Scrappin' Designs, is making some fun and endearing lo's too! Her Autumn Breeze kit is so awesome!

We're still awaiting the final judging to see WHO HAS WON the NDIDDS Design Contest--I can't wait for the winner's to be announced!
In the meantime I have some exciting announcements of my own! heh heh!
I have two new kits in the store at DID--and you can get them now while they are still on sale! 30% off through this Saturday!
Here are the previews of my newest kit "Zen and Now" I've been wanting a kit just like this one, for some time now--I used color-therapy spa colors that are relaxing and very complimentary to many pics. I also get tired of the same CU items and actions, not that they aren't great--but I wanted something a bit more unique. So, I handmade the flowers and greens--and also the butterfly charm. Another unique element is the inclusion of the oriental style photo (or what-not) shelf! The peacock and Crane silhouettes are another addition that offer versatility and can be used for other things as well!

and the papers -- 3 of these are uniquely Eastern in design but the others can also be used for many other things, just imagine these colors in a fall lo!

This kit has 16 papers and 33 elements --and I made a sheet of the handmade flowers and foliage too, so you can make your own flower designs and put them wherever you like!

Also available is "Strawberry Kiwi"

It has a fabulous add-on too:

Checkout what Shaleew, one of the Designs in Digital Creative Team members, made from this kit! Isn't he SO ADORABLE?!

I had to show off this LO too--Christi made an adorable LO of her DD being so brave! What a day to remember and a ride she will NEVER forget! Christi is a new member to DID and it's so nice to have her there with us! Welcome, Christi and thank you for making this wonderful LO! She enthusiastically agreed to assist when I called for an impromptu CT team! (Lucky ME!!)

I thought I'd make a little LO of my DD

I thought it turned out quite nice so I made a QP out of it for you!

You can
Download QP here!

I hope you enjoy your QP! I'm currently working on a mini kit from my "Zen and Now" kit to offer as a freebie. It will compliment the kit, now up in the store and none of the pieces will be duplicated--so snag the kit while it's on sale in my store
HERE and come back for the freebie mini and get yourself an amazing kit for real cheap! LOL!
I'll have the mini kit freebie ready by this weekend--so come back and grab it!

Happy Scrapping everyone!